FMP has extensive experiences in handling various important aspects of a company. FMP handles both new and developing companies, assist the company in negotiating and drafting contracts, partnerships, conducting transactions, internal disputes, GMS (general meeting of shareholders), execution of mortgage rights, and corporate maintenance. We also help to manage the company licenses, which include: Business License (SIUP), Certificate of Company Registration (TDP), Tax Identification Number (NPWP), manage the changes to the Company’s Articles of Association (AD/ART) due to capital addition or reduction, Nuisance Permit (HO), Franchise Registration Certificate (STPUW), Foreign Investment and Domestic Investment Company License, Building Permit (IMB), Billboard Installation Permit, Permit to Change Land Use, Tourism Business License, Transport Business License, Industrial Business License, Construction Services Business License, etc.

We also provide advices regarding bankruptcy and the litigation process in Commercial Court both as creditors or debtors, and commercial arbitration issues based on Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI) regulations and international arbitration regulations.